About SharkReach

The world’s first ‘Millennial’ media company

Our mission is to create the world’s first Media company built from the ground up to be able to reach the ever elusive melenia demographic. A company that realizes that traditional marketing campaigns alone no longer drive the results that advertisers and big brands expect. Sharkreach understands  that this “trend” will continue to cause traditional  media companies to lose ground with each new generation as they watch less television spend more of their lives on their mobile devices. in essence we are a media company, designed for the new “digital world”, and an audience that no longer trusts a brand's advertising unless it’s being  influenced by someone that they follow.

This is why we are the first-ever Influencer Owned public Media Company and this is what separates us from other media companies and what will ensure our growth for the future.

We will accomplish this with a two pronged bottom up and  top down approach to developing and acquiring technology platforms and companies that will allow us to reach this goal.

From the bottom up we intend to create a suite of products that will create a path for building better  influencers to be ranked, rated  and rewarded for performance and conversions in order to inspire them to work towards being  offered the opportunity to be an owner of SharkReach and to become part of our networks accumulative reach.

Then from the top down we will create a suite of products for BRANDS to monetize the reach of  The Shark Reach Influencer Owned network by allowing them to create better campaigns and track them so that they have a  vehicle for monetizing the engaged audience that  each of our influencers  brings to the network.

Platform agnostic and always First with Brand safe social media activations, followed by original IP & ultimately complete monetization of all appropriate talent assets. We will accomplish this through establishing strong authentic talent direct relationships and acquiring best-of-breed companies within the digital media space, in order to execute optimized monetization of these assets.