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So you’d like to become and influencer? First welcome, we appreciate your interest in working with Sharkreach and our clients.

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How it Works

In order to qualify for the influencer ownership program you must have at least 50,000 followers on one or more Social media sites. This gives you an initial stake and qualifies you to be part of our influencer ownership program which awards ownership based upon your performance and loyalty of your followers. The better you do for our advertisers the more ownership you can earn. Please list your sites and user names or simply use one of them to log into our systems and add all of your social media sites and one of our influencer relations managers will contact you with 48hrs to discuss options for you working with Shark Reach.

What if I don’t have 50,000 followers? Well that’s ok too. We believe in building influence so just because you don’t have over 50,000 followers doesn’t mean you can’t make money in social media. It just means you will need to work to gain more reach before you can qualify for our influencer owned stock program. However you can sign up and start earning money today and once you reach the 50,000 followers mark you will be eligible for the ownership program.